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People We've Helped

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our customers. These are real scenarios.

"Tom's" old vehicle was starting to cost him a lot in repairs. With him having to commute to work, a broken down vehicle was not an option. Tom gave us his payment budget and an idea of what he needed in a car. Tom upgraded to an 11 year newer vehicle and can go back and forth to work without worrying about being stuck on the side of the road!

"Sue" moved to a small rural community that didn't have public transportation. This made it difficult for her to get groceries and get her kids around town. Sue, being on disability and having limited credit didn't think she could get approved for a car loan. We are happy to say, she can now get all her errands completed in her new to her car! We CAN help!

"Tammy's" family was growing and her car wasn't. Unfortunately, Tammy owed more on her car than what it was worth. We worked with her to get her into a bigger vehicle and incorporate her existing loan. Happy family!

"Bill's" family had three drivers, two of which needed to get back and forth to work everyday. When one car dropped a transmission and the other was in an accident, they were down to one car. Admittedly, their credit was less than stellar. We managed to get a vehicle to meet their immediate needs and help get their credit back in good standing. We do more than sell cars!

"George's" van was causing him problems. He had used up almost all his work holidays trying to fix his van in order to get back and forth because he had no other transportation. Within days of calling us, he was in a reliable vehicle and able to get back to the office!